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Post Test Training

Post Test Training

A range of tuition options are available for qualified drivers in Northwich from the Learn with Jennie Driving School.

Pass Plus Course

This is a government-run practical course that is aimed at new drivers to help them improve their newly-acquired driving skills (although the course can be taken at any time). The course lasts for 6 hours. There is no test at the end but, by completing the course, you may save money on your driving insurance premium.

It encompasses driving in a range of different situations from the country lanes to towns/cities and motorways. The course also involves getting the new driver to consider how they should adapt their driving when faced with other challenges such as adverse weather.

Motorway Lessons

The motorway can be a daunting place, particularly for a novice driver but also for experienced drivers that maybe haven't encountered the need to use motorways a great deal.

During a motorway lesson we will learn how to join and leave the motorway safely, change lanes, use the new smart motorways effectively and predict the intentions of other road users.

Refresher Courses

Refresher courses are designed for drivers that have had a break from driving or maybe somebody that is losing their confidence with driving during their later years. The course length and structure will be entirely tailored to suit the needs of the individual and the driving they will need to do on a daily basis. A motorway lesson can also be taken, if desired.

So, if you're in the Northwich area and would like to take your driving skills further, why not give Learn With Jennie a call to book a post-test course?