Alex Donati

Passed first time with only 3 minors!! Jennie was a great teacher and really taught me how to drive and deal with situations other than just to pass a test, she's a great driving instructor I would highly recommend to anyone!

17th Jun '17
Caroline H

After having passed my test I took a refresher course with Jennie. She is such a patient and professional teacher, she made me feel instantly at ease and built my confidence dramatically. I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn to drive or improve their skills in a calm, supportive environment.

31st Jan '17
Mark Berry, Barnton

"Having never driven before I was very nervous but felt at ease with Jennie. A really friendly, lovely person to be with. Each lesson was in a calm, relaxed atmosphere and I always looked forward to them. Brilliant instructor and person. Can't recommend Jennie highly enough. Really going to miss her!"

13th Sep '16
Lauren Booth, Weaverham

"When I was about to start driving I wanted a driving instructor who was supportive and explained things clearly to me because I was so nervous. Jennie was exactly that; I always looked forward to driving lessons with her and she helped me to pass first time. She put me at ease when I was panicking, and always presented me with the positives of my driving as well as giving me constructive criticism which was necessary for me to improve as a driver. All in all, I can’t imagine having any other driving instructor!"

10th Nov '15
Vesta Wild, Winsford

"Couldn't recommend anyone other than Jennie, let's hope she never retires. Passed first time with only 2 minors because our lessons were thorough and I always felt safe and relaxed when with her. Never raises her voice and always stays calm. The confidence I gained from Jennie meant I was able to get onto the motorways in my first week of passing which was a big thing for me. Thanks Jennie."

10th Nov '15
Harry Watkins, Weaverham

"Just passed, first time. Jennie is cheaper than everyone else I've seen and couldn't be kinder or better at her job."

10th Nov '15